What an AwesomeTribute and Testimony to Jim's life

Tommy Jackson, prior Youth member of Deep Dixie, has stepped forward with wishes to help in the funding of the 
sponsorship of the Sportsmanship Award in Jim's Memory.

Tommy would like to start an Annual Barrel Race with all proceeds directed to Deep Dixie to be used to establish
 an ongoing fund for the Youth Sportsmanship Saddle each year.  He is currently contacting local business and 
individuals seeking monetary donations to help fund the first show and get this off the ground. 
 He has contacted Wendell, Robert and Cheryl for approval, blessings and help in these efforts.

If you would like to help  - call Tommy at  229-224-1872
Sponsors will be acknowledged as donations are received.

Jim presents Chase Pridgen 
with the 2005 Sportsmanship Award
" I rode Deep Dixie as a youth and Mr.Jim was always there to help me and all the kids.  Any problems we had with our ponies or horses, he was there to help.  He had patience with us, and a lot of knowledge of horses.  He always encouraged us, telling us we could do it, bragging on us
 and helping us get better when things did not work to 
our benefit.  If we found ourselves without a pony or horse 
for whatever reason, Mr. Jim would find us one - he would give up his own rides or horses for the kids or the adults."
                                                                   Tommy Jackson
" I remember Mr. Jim from the time I started on my pony - he always came to me before my ride - gave me a hug, told me to ride hard and have fun.  I can remember playing with him after my runs and riding his shoulders like he was my horse.  He was always happy and made me happy too ! "
                                                                      Jessie Turner

" Jim always meant a lot to Tommy's dad and I.  Tommy's 
first year of riding Deep Dixie, Jim loaned him a pony for State because the one he was riding wasn't very fast.  Jim didn't know us "from Adam's house cat", but he saw a child that loved to ride and he saw to it that he had a better pony.  There is not very many people on this earth that goes out 
of their way to help kids these days, but Jim always did. 
 He was a child at heart and I thank God that we were blessed to have known him. "
                                                           Angela Chastain
Jim was a life long member of Deep Dixie, competing in the first State Show Championship
 and winning the first Youth Sportsmanship Award at age 9.  

During his membership, he not only was a rider and tough competitor, he was a dedicated and 
working member.  He loved his Deep Dixie family and was especially partial to the youth.  He loved 
to see the children learn and progress into good riders and sportsman.  Jim believed in sportsmanship, 
often saying it was just as important to learn how to "win" as it is to learn how to "lose".  
His belief was confirmed in his continued support of a Youth Sportsmanship Award 
each year seeking sponsorship from local businesses and often from his own pocket.
" Jim was a good sport, even as a child.  When we were showing in our youth years, you could never tell whether Jim was first or last in the class.  He was just always happy."
                                                                  Debbie Lanier Guy
To add your TRIBUTE send to cherylpowell@mchsi.com
Barrel Covers donated by
Tripp, Tiffany, Savannah and Wes Swilley
Brooke, Yancey, Zach and Alyssa Howell
(Cheryl's children and grandchildren)
in remembrance of 

Covers made by Red Dog Covers
Mitchell County Saddle Club
The goal of the Mitchell County Saddle Club is to offer an opportunity for children and adults to learn to ride and compete in cone, pole, and barrel racing competition.  The hope is that all riders can do so safely and without stress or judgement from others while having fun and learning how to "win" and "lose" with the utmost character and sportsmanship.

Jim was a member of the Mitchell County Saddle club for 
over 10 years.  He was a great help to the children and 
offered valuable advice to the new riders (and parents) as
 they ventured out into the Equine and Barrel Racing world.  
He was always willing to help and had an easy going personality. 
 We know he used our shows as training ground for his new and young horses, often times, scratching his ride to help the children - never asking for anything in return but a smile on the child's face.  
He worked in the arena and was always there to help Cheryl with her many task.  He and Cheryl started a Sportsmanship Award in our 
club - paying the expense from their pockets   Cheryl shared at the 2010 Banquet  the award is now officially
"the Jim Collins Sportsmanship Award" 
and will continue in his memory.
Although I had know Jim all my life, growing up in the same town with a lot of the same friends - God put us together as a couple in 1998.  We became inseparable and intertwined our families together probably better than most married couples. 
 We both understood, and often discussed, our families - events, 
both good and bad.  
There was a total trust of what each other needed, when to laugh, when to cry, 
when to be mad, when it mattered and when it didn't.  
It was so easy that we both knew it was God's plan.

I had ridden horses all my life and Jim encouraged me to start barrel racing - 
the sport he loved so much.  
He helped me start my trail horse, Sonny, and it was not long before I was hooked.  
He always encouraged me with positive feedback and gentle, kind patience. 
 He taught me to hook up and pull my own trailer and never once tried to keep me from being independent.   We could be at shows together and hang out with our buddies with no worries of where each other was or what we were thinking -
 always knowing we would be back in the truck together again.

Thank you Jim,
for all the fun, the memories, for treating me like a queen, for loving my family, 
for all the miles we traveled together, for your giving and never taking, 
for helping me with my horses, for your smile, for your jokes, for "loving me".  
You will always be in my heart and never forgotten.  
I thank God every day for the time I had with you.
"Your Cowboy Sweetheart"

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Tributes to Jim
Donations should be made payable to Jim Collins Memorial Fund

Mail to Cheryl Powell, 3022 Harmony Road SE, Pelham, GA  31779