This page is dedicated to the love, concern, care and memory of our families and friends.
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" To everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven;
A time to be born, and a time to die;
A time to plant and time to pluck that which is planted."

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Raymond Adams
6/25/37 - 2/4/09

Mr. Raymond loved to come to all the shows and watch his granddaughters, 
Kyndal and Baylee Adams 
as they rode.  He always 
had a smile on his face and something to eat at his tent.

  Paul Baggett
12/7/43 - 5/17/08

Mr. Paul had a deep love for horses, especially paints.  He always had a 
story to tell about his horses and 
others could tell stories on him as well.  He was a character - 
often being stopped as he began 
to drive off because he forgot to
 load a horse or shut a door.  
He loved gatherings, especially 
when food was served.
Beverly Odom
6/14/58 - 2/28/05

Beverly will long be remembered as a wholehearted competitor and a caring friend.  She was a challenge to veteran riders and an inspiration to new riders.  
Beverly was straight forward and very direct, she rode hard with determination 
to win, but could be a good loser if required at the end.

Beverly created the Most Improved Rider award in 2002. 
The award is currently being continued in her memory and renamed
"The Beverly Odom Most Improved Rider Award"

John Benton
2/19/49 - 9/12/08

     In January 2006, John carried his granddaughter, Sarah, and her horse to the Mitchell County Saddle Club Horse Show.  This was the beginning of our wonderful experiences at horse shows.  We also joined Deep Dixie Association, and Sarah, as well as other grandchildren (Blake, Hunter, Michael and Kelsi) participated too.
     John worked hard teaching them all he could about riding.  Beau Rosencrantz was, and still is, a great help too.  Horse shows became a family tradition, and the folks at the horse shows were, and still are, like family to us.  John looked forward to each and every show, and he was so proud of the children's accomplishments.
     On September 12, 2008, John went to the Deep Dixie Association Banquet.  He saw Sarah get a trophy, went outside, and left his world.  He was where he wanted to be, with family, doing what he loved to do.
Please keep these members and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Chris McPhail (loss of her father)
Shae Davis  (loss of her mother)
Eddie Taylor
Bobby and Judy Perry
Robert Pridgen


Music in Memory 
of Philip Powell
Deborah Hall Martinez
April 21, 1976 - April 25, 2010

Although Deborah did not ride horses nor was a member of Deep Dixie, a lot of her family are - 
Wendell and Renae Hall (father and step-mother), sisters and brother-in-laws -
 Melissa and Joe Starnes, Deanna Clark, and Nikki Hall.

I wanted to add Deborah to our Memory list and share a little about her with everyone.

Deborah was a very unique person who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ showing it in everything she did.  
She battled cancer for many years but when you met her or was around her, there were no complaints
 or "why me".   She had a bounce in her step, love for her family and friends, and Jesus in her heart.

Jim and I had the opportunity to meet and be with Deborah some.  During one of her rough times,
she had to go to Archbold Hospital in Thomasville.  Wendell had shared his concerns and fears with us. 
 We decided to go and sit with Wendell during the testing and treatments.
I thank the Lord everyday for that day - for it allowed us to meet Deborah.
She was undergoing a serious procedure which is painful.  While waiting, she was so happy, 
telling me all about her boys, her family, and thanking us for caring for her dad - she said 
"you know, he worries about me - but he shouldn't - I have the Lord on my side"

During the next year, Deborah underwent many more trials and tribulations with the dreaded disease that 
plaqued her beautiful body  - but she never lost her faith.  I sent cards to her, hoping in some small way to 
help cheer her day, give her a laugh, and just let her know that she was on my mind.

Today, Jim and I, went again to be with her dad 
as he crossed the toughest bridge a parent should ever have to face - burying his child.

What we witnessed, was an awesome tribute to a wonderful person.
Deborah's oldest son, Pedro Jr, wrote and shared in a rap version, a five page story 
of his mother filled with his feelings and heartfelt love for her and what she taught him about God.
Her husband, Pedro, shared to the standing room only crowd, his life with Deborah, 
what she had done for him, having never known Jesus, and now he, his family back in Mexico, 
and all their boys know Jesus and rely on him for the strength to go on.  
Pedro shared that he and Deborah had discussed this day --
and he ended with words from her - 
If all the pain and what I endured was needed to bring all my family and friends to God
it was worth it !

In closing my tribute to Deborah, 
 I thank God for allowing Deborah's path to have crossed mine. 

With much admiration,


Jim Collins
April 25, 1954 - July 7, 2010

Jim has been a part of Deep Dixie Association long before it even became Deep Dixie.  He began as a child with the Dixie Horse Frolic Club, which I understand later became Deep Dixie.

His parents, Elizabeth and Marcus Collins, were very instrumental in the establishment of the original club and the founding of the federation.  I have been told that his father was one of a group of men that worked toward establishing a "state competition".  The first State Show was held in Americus, GA - with Jim and his brother, Marc, competing.  

Jim rode a small black gelding, approximately a 900 - 1000 lbs horse named Fury.  The story is told that it was really hard to beat Jim and Fury together. Jim won the first ever Youth Sportsmanship Award at age 9.  At that time, it was a belt buckle.  

Jim quit competing in his early twenties but returned several years later to raise his children, Garrett and Winn, with his horse family and the sport he loved.  Garrett and Winn were put on ponies, led and taught, just as we see so many of the children today.  It is also told that if any child did not have a pony or needed to borrow one - just go to Jim's trailer.  I have been told of at least three ponies he bought and gave to a child that did not have one.

As his children grew, Garrett continued to love the sport but Winn's interest turned to football and he slowly drifted from the arena.  Jim understood and thus began his time split with hauling Garrett to the shows and attending ball games at the school.  He loved both.

Jim so loved all the children everywhere - but at the horse arena - he was really special.  "Mr. Jim" - all the kids wanted him in the gate with them - wanted him to rub their saddle for luck before they made their run.  He always promised them he would be there and he always was.  He was so determined that competing was not just winning - it was also learning how to lose. You did not have to be on the top to be a winner.  He pushed to keep the Youth Sportsmanship Award going - seeking sponsors from local business and/or banks, and often times purchasing the award with his own money.  He loved to present the award each year to the youth rider chosen as the best sport.  Often, this child was not the best rider or had the fastest horse - but was smiling, a cheerleader, and having fun.

When I joined the horse arena with Jim, it was many years after he had made his mark and was known by so many.  All those friends just swallowed me up and it's like I was there the whole time.  

Jim was fun loving, easy, caring, a worker, and generous.  If you needed it and he had it - it was yours.  If he didn't have it - he would try to find it.  He was a hugger - you could not escape the hugs.  He was friendly - he knew everyone - and if he entered a room and did not know you - he did when he left.  

I have heard so many people say "Jim was Jim ! - it did not matter if you were rich, poor, educated, or not, it was all ok with Jim - he loved everyone and never tried to be different - he was always the same.

Jim loved horses.  He had many good ones, loaned out many good ones, lost many good ones to death, and even gave away a few good ones.  I wish I could have just half the talent with horses that Jim had.

Deep Dixie Association, the Federation, and many many friends will truly miss Jim.  The shows will not be the same without him there to greet everyone, check on the children, hug the ladies, and share a beer with the guys.

Jim had a very strong faith and I take peace in knowing he is with God in heaven.  It will be different for me as I hook up for the upcoming shows but I know that in the past Jim gave me advice watching from the sidelines - now, he will ride with me and his presence will be around us all.

Love always,


PS - never forget  " For Every 10 Pounds  - - - - "

Betty Jane Hatcher Adams
1/19/46 - 7/16/11

Mrs. Betty was always at the shows watching her grandchildren run and keeping tabs on their times.  
She could be found under a shady tent with southern hospitality - 
always offering visitors a drink or something to eat.  Mrs. Betty was 
so lonely when Mr. Raymond 
passed away and is now with him in the Lord's kingdom.
Mark Cody

Ricky Dowdy
" Daddy Rock" 
Thomas Lee Applewhite
May 12, 1942 - April 6, 2016
  Leslie Anne Perry
11/17/96 - 2/17/17