1st              Ryder Adkinson            17
   2nd             Brentley Tillman           16
   3rd              Caleb Walker               14
   4th-5th-6th  Cody Cooper               12
   4th-5th-6th   Ricki Adkinson            12
   4th-5th-6th  Anslie Sikes                 12

In this class it is important that we verify riders that ride unassisted vs those assisted.  When establishing Year End Awards some of the order may change dependent on those type factors.

Ponies by Each Event
Age 1-12

1st               Emily Handley                   28
2nd              Kristen Anderson              23
3rd               Addison Baker                  19
4th               Haven Clements               14
5th               Colt Robinson                    6

Age 1-12 by Each Event

Age 13-19

1st                Sissy Cooper               20
2nd               Logan Seagroves        18
3rd-4th         Bailey Clements           17
3rd-4th         Madison Bruce             17
5th               Madison Barrett            13
6th               Alyssa Starnes               8

Age 13-19 by Each Event

Ladies 20 - 38

1st                 Kaylee Green                 19
2nd-3rd         Candice Fletcher            17
2nd-3rd          Nikki Walker                  17
4th                 Whitney Wright              14
5th-6th           Casey Elias                     8 
5th-6th           Deanna Hall                    8

Ladies 20-38 by Each Event

Ladies 39 & Over

1st            Victoria Lee                      24
2nd           Leigh Anne Cooper          19
3rd            Chris McPhail                   17
4th-5th      Mikela Winn                      10
4th-5th      Michelle Koonce               10
6th            Melanie Brock                    7

Ladies 39 Over by Each Event

Men 20-38

1st              Michael Starnes          22
2nd             Caleb Sheppard         19
3rd              Aaron Starnes            18
4th              David Fletcher            15
5th              Jody Hulsey                10
6th              Clayton Cooper           3

Men 20-38 by Each Event

Men 39 & Over

1st              Harold Cole                  20
2nd             Eddie Taylor                 14
3rd-4th       Kenny Taylor                 12
3rd-4th       Wendell Skinner            12
5th-6th       Ben Bryant                    11
5th-6th       John Cleghorn              11

Men 39 & Over by Each Event


       1st           Emily Handley            28
       2nd          Victoria Lee                24
       3rd           Kristen Anderson       23
       4th-5th     Ryder Adkinson         22
       4th-5th     Micheal Starnes        22
TIE  6th          Sissy Cooper             20
                       Harold Cole               20
2017-2018 Riders List as of 04/28/18

Overall Current Standings as of 05/05/18
The 2018-2019 show season began in Tifton on September 22, 2018

Please check the Member's list at the link below.  
Some names were spelled on way on the Rider List and another on the Run sheets. Also, when making the actual point sheets some names on the Rider list may not be included.  I understood some joined as members but not riders.  If you are on the Member list and not the point sheet - don't worry, at the point you ride in a show you will be added to the point sheet.

I also had some concern in the Pony group as I am not sure which riders are riding for points and which are lead line.  I marked them based on the run sheets.  If it is different just let me know at the next show and I can correct.

2018-2019 Member's list