This website designed for the barrel racing members of the Deep Dixie Association.  

Robert Pridgen
President and Federation Liason

                        TIMED EVENTS                                                                       PLEASURE
                          Robert Pridgen                      President                             Steve Reynolds
                          229-425-8225                                                                         229-995-4998  

                          Wendell Hall                      Vice President                      Marissa Hargrove
                          229-402-0608                                                                        229-343-8207                       

                         Cheryl Powell            Secretary/ PointsKeeper             Dolly Gill, Sec.
                         229-294-9350                                                                          229-434-9752
                         Rhonda Pridgen, Back Up                                              Erin McDonald, Points                                                                                                                                               229-886-4335

                        Heath Cross                        Treasurer                             Heather Nichols
                        229-776-2871                                                                            229-407-1450
Presidents from each local club          BOARD OFFICERS                Vicki Parker 
will create a Board of Officers                                                                 229-938-4453
in the Timed Event structure.                                                                 Barbie Myers  

Local Timed Event Clubs include           

Irwin County Saddle Club, Ocilla, Georgia
Joe Starnes,  President
David Adkinson, Vice President and Treasurer   229-238-1823
Jennalee Keys, Secretary  229-457-7625

Piney Woods Saddle Club, Valdosta, Georgia
Victoria Adkinson, President
850-929-4907 (do not add  www)

Syrup City Saddle Club, Cairo, Georgia
Angie Clark, President
Ryan Jones, Vice President
Tammy Green, Treasurer

Tift County Saddle Club, Tifton, Georgia
Clarence Swain, President
Elizabeth Hardin, Treasurer

Turner County Saddle Club, Ashburn, Georgia
          Steve Davis,  President
          Carol Davis Secretary / Treasurer  

Map of Georgia Federation of Saddle Clubs

Judged or Pleasure Events


Under Georgia Law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional
 is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in an equine activity resulting from the inherent risk of equine activities, pursuant to Chapter 12 of Title 4 of the  Official Code of Georgia Annotated.

Last Update: March 29, 2015

   A member of the
   Georgia Federation of Saddle Clubs, 
   Deep Dixie Association is a non profit Equestrian Club. 
   The members of the club can compete in Barrel Racing and Pleasure Events.

There are nine associations in Georgia that form the Georgia Federation.  
(See below for Map)  Each association is comprised of local clubs that 
compete within their own groups throughout the year for points. 
The top six point earners represent their association on the State level 
on Labor Day Weekend each year.  

The State Show is held at the GA National Fairgrounds, Reaves Arena,
 in Perry, Georgia and is hosted on a rotating basis by the nine associations.
Barrel Racing Members
Last Updated  03/29/15   
State Show, Current Top 6,and Prayer and Memory
Deep Dixie Association 
2014 Overall High Point State Champion
Coastal Plains Association
2014 Running High Point State Champion
Northwest Association
2014 Pleasure High Point State Champion